• Management of four restaurants. MASUYA, MISO, MAKOTO, IZAKAYA masuya

    Develop human resource , menu, promotion and business analyses.

    Japanese Restaurant
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    IZAKAYA masuya
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    Sushi Bar
    Makoto Chatswood
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    Japanese Restaunrant
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  • Investiment for opning new shops
  • Catering

    We accept the catering service for party, event and seminars from time to time. We provide our service to customer to make them enjoy and hope that the customers are satisfied to chose our restaurant.
    If you have a plan for catering and desired location, Not only hotel and restaurant but the place you want or your memorial place. For example, Wedding, meeting and
    other events. If we serve only meal , it means ''delivery''. Of cause we could do delivery but it is our aim that we have to impress the customers with our precious planning.

    ▲Catering for Japanese government  Nov 2012

    ▲Catering for LOWE winery   Oct 2012

  • OBENTO service

    We can prepare some bento for party, event, meeting, picnic and ceremonies functions.
    You can choose a bento according to the budget. We are proud of our bento's quality and safety because our bento is made by professional chefs and carefully selected foods. That is why we are able to recommend with confidence of bento service. If you can consult in advance, it is possible to facilitate the number of requests.

    Each shops take a way menu (Please contact us by email or phone)
  • Promotion of recruitment in food industry and hotels from Japan to Australia

    Onece the staff graduate our company and go back to Japan, By active conducting of exchange Human Resources could learn spirit of hospitality between Japan and Australia.