CAREERS (Applicants from within Australia)

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Permanent resident visa or business visa holder

•The person who has a firm minded to improve your self. •The person who wants to learn the knowledge of management or how to run successful restaurant. •The person who wants to run your own business in the future. •We will only interview who can work more than 2 years.

Working holiday or student visa holders.

•Believes that people try to challenge themselves in Australia •The person who is interested in the food or cooking in Australia •The person who can make customer enjoy •The person who can save the amount of own goal by weekly pay •The people who are looking for business sponsor in the future

<Salary and employment condition>

Permanent resident or business visa holders

•We have a weekly pay system. •Weekly gross $800 ~ 1,200、You can chose to work only lunch time or dinner time •We expect to hire who has more than 3 years in hospitality industry experiences but youcan try career change from another industry to working our company

Working holiday or student visa holders

•The person who can work more than 6 months. •We will determind after meeting with you, considering your previous experience. •the first monthe is apprentice period, after this period will raises months


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