〈 Message from our staff who support our restaurant 〉

Tadaaki Kawaguchi

Sushi were born from Japanese traditional food culture. Sushi is not only one kind but there are many different kinds of style. Makoto chefs carefully pick and choose Tuna and Local fishes directly from fish market every day. We try to make customers happy all the time in our shop every day.

Chiho Imamura

When I was working holiday I started as opening member of Makoto and learned about how to make sushi. Since than I have found my passion working in restaurant business. I'm now enjoying working with senior staff who has highly skilled and possion about to make sushis.

Eun Hyung Cha (Marco)

I enjoy Makoto spirit and learn lots of skills from best Sushi chef Mr Kawaguchi. Also we do innovate our self all the time

Sajal Kumar Das

I have been working in Masuya & Makoto restaurant for 19 years I am serving best quality of Tempura & Hot pots.
I SHO NI GANBARIMASHO! (Let's join us!)

A young Lee (Miranda) : Student visa

I have a student visa. So during weekdays I'm studying and working at Makoto on the weekends. My job is making various kinds of Sushirolls. I'm enjoying working with other Japanese staffs and it helps to improve my Japanese skills that I learnt in Japan.

Shohei Nammoku : Working holiday visa

I'm serving for many dirrent nationality customers, on the other hand, I'm supporting management, making homepage and facebook. Near future I'm looking forward to meet and have tasty BQQ in Korea with wonderfull staffs who I met in Makoto.