< Operations of business management >

● General manager training : Monthly analysis of the balance sheets / Sales Promotion , human resource development / Various Presentation of the monthly target ● Chef training : Analyze cost of food and labor / Discuss about monthly recommended food / Gather latest information through a variety of video ● Kitchen hand training : Presentation cleanness check / Check the monthly target / Free exchange of opinions to improve a shop ● Customer care training : Daily analysis report, Discussion of measures to promote the sake wine

We are planning to send the working holiday staff to local work place after finish working in our restaurant.
For example: work at local restaurants, winery or fish market etc...

< Training by sommelier Mr.Yuichi Kanamaru >

●Learn the knowledge of Japanese sake (Niigata Pref sake fair) : We had promotion Japanese sake provided by Manazuru-brewery, Ichishima-brewery, Hakkaisan, Takanoi-brewery and Shirataki-brewery from Nigata Prefecture. The customer enjoyed different temperature sake with Koshihikari rice product by Nigata Pref. Our staff leaned basic Japanese sake and sake breweries knowledge to be shown DVD.

*We will continue to report the monthly sales results to Japanese sake breweries monthly.
We will ask each Japanese sake breweries monthly topics by Email or phone. 

● Learn wine knowledge : We visit winery regularly and understand the splendor taste of wine by their five sense. By tasting actual wine, we can recommend to customer the wine we tried. We do have in house wine training by sommelier and skill up our customer service.

< Our original Training >

● Fish Market : There is a second largest fish market in the world. Why is our chef's starts working from Fish market every morning? Because we trying to get the freshest local fish everyday. We discuss about our seasonable vegetable, fruit and daily special menu, having meeting with each shop's chefs.

● Inspection for organic market and successful restaurant : We go to food inspection and analyze the customer service , atmosphere , food presentation and trend of taste. We develop our menu by discussing with staffs include working holiday after visiting some famous restaurant. *Bills the best breakfast in the world (left side) *Organic markeet in Pyamont (right side)