〈 Message from our staff who support our restaurant 〉

Ki Don Kim (David)

I am chemistry graduates, having worked in the restaurant industry for a long time. I realised that the life is full of good chemistry, from the food to service, wine we enjoy, and even in the conversation we have with our customers. Would you like to make the best chemistry with us?

Ayako Sugimura
Assistant Hall Manager

I have been working in the hotel industry for the long time before I joined Masuya restaurant. What I found now, the restaurant industry is more dinamic compared to hotel. I also foundmyself very challenging to adopt OMOTENASHI service spirit to the daily fast moving operation. Life is full of challenge.

Yuichi Kanamaru
Sommelier& Master of Sake

I'm visiting many sake breweries in around Japan and also wineries in Australia with Working holidays staffs . Our restaurant is concentrating on training wine and sake. "If  you  learn seriously with your interest of wines you can be the top Sommelier"

Hiroshi Nakamura
Leader of Sushi Bar

Sushi Bar at Masuya is reconised by customers in Sydney that we are using freshest fish and we like to keep this way all the time. If I hear a greeting from the customer that they have enjoyed the meal I feel really thank you and I really enjoy working at this sushi bar in Masuya.

Woon Chan (Beak)
Kitchen General Leader

Based from my 5 years working experience at shabu shabu shop in Japan. I am working here at the moment to open my own shop in someday. If I see customer's satisfied face after I provide qualitative food, my tough mind is disappearing and I can feel devoted mind to do my best.

Shogo Nagatani : Working holiday visa
Top Waiter

 I am learning about knowledges of  food, wine and sake by working as a waiter at Masuya. I learnt how to treat the customers who has allergies or vegetarians. For the future I want to contribute to this restaurant as a senior staff.

Sayaka Yamazaki : Working holiday visa

If someone ask's "Do you think Masuya restaurant is the best restaurant in Sydney??"  I can answer "Yes! I do!!"  Customers who come to Masuya is not only eating Japanese food but they have interest of Japanese culture as well and eventuallly it helps to improve my english skills up too.

Shinji Fukuoka : Working holiday visa
Kitchen hand

Working as a kitchen hand in Masuya I am improving my self as well.
I want to learn as fast as I can and I want to challenge to deep fry section.
Also I like to work in local restaurants with local people in the future