〈 Message from our staff who support our restaurant 〉

Yi Xuan Chen (Hill)
General Manager

"Miso" is mage from Bean which means original, health . it is also the basic ingrident for making our food. We work in this hospitality world. What we serve to our customer is not only food but also Japanese food and our spirits. enjoy Miso , Join us!

John Pan
Head Chef

I aim to looking for seasonable food for our menu concept . Meanwhile, this menu gonna provide our customer best balence and healthy meal.


I enjoy this working enviroment with others nationality staffs,at here, i can talk and study from different culture background people and we provide our customer same quality food from our love.

Tomoko Koyama : Working holiday viza

I am happy to work with kind and friendly co-workers and i enjoy to talk with customers. Miso is very busy restaurant and i feel accomplishment of this job. Miso will be one of the best memories in my working holiday life in Sydney!